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    Neil Lazarus


    Neil Lazarus is the Director and founder of AwesomeSpeaking.org
    He is an internationally
    acclaimed expert in the field of effective communication training and leadership.

    His seminars are fun, informative and entertaining and are causing a sensation.
    His inspirational and empowering messages excite audiences throughout the world.

  • About Our Company

    We always strive for the best.

    Teaching from experience

    Neil Lazarus will teach you public speaking and media skills from his own experience. Speaking to tens of thousands of people annually world wide, Neil will lead you through some very simple techniques to speak in public and amaze your audience.

    No nonsense techniques

    Do you have an important speech to present? Neil will help you with the final touches. Learn how to improve your verbal and non verbal communication skills. Receive professional feedback and critique on your speech. Neil will help you identify any adjustments needed to make your presentation the BEST IT CAN BE! 

    Training is personal

    Whether as individual or as a group we are training hundreds in effective public speaking. There is no standard seminar...we listen to our clients..evolve to their needs and adapt to their needs. Tell us how we can help.

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